Digital marketing is an advanced marketing technique to get leads and increase sales through online platforms. We are living in an age where computing and mobile devices have become a part of people's lifestyle and businesses can't afford to miss out on such a big segment of proposed buyers. In today's scenario, adopting digital marketing has become a necessity for every business. That's why courses in digital marketing offer good career opportunities. If you are looking for an experienced digital marketing trainer, your search ends here. We are digital marketing experts in Rohini that provide unmatched training.

Modules of Our Digital Marketing Course

Google AdWords Overview

Overview of Digital Marketing

In this module, we will understand what exactly digital marketing is.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

Basic Website Design

This module covers the ways to design websites with templates.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is about marketing products and services through paid advertisements. In this module, we will discuss all platforms and practices which can be used for search engine marketing.
Module Duration : 6 Hours

Social Media Optimization

This module tells about using social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube for promoting products and enhancing brand> Module Duration : 6 Hours

Content Marketing

Content plays a vital role in today's marketing world. That's why we have a separate module for content marketing.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

Professional Blogging

Our digital marketing experts will impart knowledge on various blogging concepts, creating WordPress blogs, and generating revenue through AdSense and affiliate marketing.
Module Duration : 4 Hours

Google AdSense

Google AdSense if an advertisement program from the giant search engine Google which allows us to place ads on our websites and generate income through impressions and clicks. We will learn basic and advanced concepts of Google AdSense in this module.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows us to reach a large target audience at once. This highly effective marketing method is also a part of our course.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is an important part of digital marketing. Learn the most effective methods of mobile marketing by our expert faculties.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

Online Reputation Management

Strong online reputation is important for both brand image and sales. That's why we pay good attention to ORM and impart knowledge on the most effective practices of online reputation management.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a wonderful keyword research tool. We will discuss it in detail in the given module.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

Google Webmaster Tools

These tools are used to evaluate the performance of a website in Google search. It helps us in enhancing the overall performance of the site. These tools will be discussed in full detail.
Module Duration : 2 Hours


In this module, we will tell you how you can make a career as a freelance digital marketer. As a freelancer, you can make good money without stepping out of your home.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

Why Join Us?

We are well-known for the high-quality training we provide. All our faculties have long experience in the digital marketing field. Moreover, we provide job assistance after completion of the course. Our institute, Digital Padhai, is the best digital marketing job provider in Rohini. Besides, we provide free demo class for those students who want to check the quality of the training before joining us. Digital Marketing Course Fees :INR 20,000

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