Want to be an expert in email marketing? Join Digital Padhai now! We are an email marketing institute in Delhi having a reputation for providing world-class training. So far, we have trained numerous students, most of which are now experiencing a great career growth. Our course is designed to provide in-depth insights of the email marketing so that the students can make their mark in the work field.

Email Marketing Program for Individuals.

Our course offers self-paced learning which makes it easy for the students to study at their own pace. By enrolling in our email marketing program as an individual, you get access to well-researched learning material for 180 days. The entire content of this program is prepared by well-experienced professionals of the industry. We can also provide email marketing internship in Delhi if our students require. Fee for the entire program is Rs. 11,999

Email Marketing Program for Corporates

The course we offer for companies and its teams are not entirely self-paced. Rather, it's a combination of self-paced and instructor-led learning. We use a proven learning class management application which is designed specifically for enterprise-class training and offers a convenient and smooth learning process. Moreover, our teaching assistance is available 24X7. Fee for corporate training depends on specific requirements. You can send us a brief about your requirements and request us a quote.

Key Features of Our Email Marketing Program

Course Description

The Main Focus of the Course

As obvious, email marketing is the process of conveying marketing and promotional messages through emails. If executed properly, email marketing can prove to be a highly beneficial marketing tool.After completing this course, you will be able to strategize email marketing and creating compelling ads for promoting products and services. Digital Padhai's advanced course focuses on the most effective and time-tested marketing strategies that involve emails for promotion. It also includes the ways to design result-oriented email marketing campaigns aiming at the promotion of products and services, raising funds through donations and grants, enhancing brand image, and building loyalty.

Objectives of the Course

This Course is beneficial for:

Sound knowledge of email marketing offers a brilliant career with unrestrained growth potential. To have in-depth knowledge of the field and have a lucrative career, register for our free demo now.

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