SEO and pay per click are among the best online promotion tools and a good combination of these two can be the base of a brilliant search engine marketing strategy. An advanced search engine marketing course can make you familiar with the critical aspects of this field and provide you with hands-on experience that can help you a lot while pursuing your career. If you want to be a search engine marketing professional and develop the ability to design and run PPC campaigns, our course is designed just or you. This course can also benefit those companies which want to train their in-house teams for search engine marketing.p>

ABC is a renowned SEM institute in Rohini, Delhi that provides effective search engine marketing training. If you are looking for an SEM expert in North Delhi who can train you with a well-designed SEM program, ABC is the best option available to you.

Our SEM program has been designed with a comprehensive approach and covers almost everything from conceptualizing the campaign in the light of SEO tactics to executing the campaigns on the most preferred PPC search engines. We are reckoned among the most reputed institutes that offer SEM certification in Rohini. Moreover, if our students want, we can also provide SEM internship in Rohini, Delhi.

Our SEM Program entails:

SEO Architecture

⇒ Technology Fundamentals

⇒ Crawling Tool Functioning

⇒ Knowledge of All Google Webmaster Tools

⇒ Knowledge of All Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO Oriented Content & Basic Link Building Concepts

⇒ Creating Good Titles and Descriptions

⇒ Important Social Media Concepts

⇒ Use of Keywords & Alt Tags

⇒ Important Content Rules

⇒ Basic Link Building Concepts

⇒  Dos and Don'ts of Local Search

SEO Oriented Content & Basic Link Building Concepts

⇒ Effective Ways to Promote Press Releases

⇒ Essential Link Bait & Link Buy Strategies

⇒ Preventing Black Hat & Rogue SEO Tactics

⇒ Utilizing SEO Tools the Best Way

⇒ Efficient Ways for Position Tracking and Link Employing

⇒ Brilliant Personalized Search Techniques

Social Media and Other SEO Techniques

⇒ Utilizing Various Social Media Sites for Web Promotion

⇒ Link Building through Social Media

⇒ Proven Mobile & Video Optimization Strategies

⇒ Effective International SEO Methods

⇒ Result-oriented Reputation Management Practices

⇒ Ways to Stay Updated with Industry News

Advanced Concepts of PPC Marketing

⇒ Tested Keyword and Bidding Strategies

⇒ Role of Re-targeting in Online Marketing

⇒ Tracking ROI of Mobile & Video PPC

⇒ Tactics for Effective Geo Targeting

⇒ Proven Techniques for Landing Page Optimization

⇒ The Significance of Content Networks

Google AdWords

⇒ Introduction of Google AdWords

⇒ Google AdWords Editor's Interface, Functionality, & Reporting Methods

⇒ Utilization of Website Optimizer & Conversion Optimizer

⇒ Ways to Track Conversions

⇒  Utilizing Google Analytics

Yahoo and Bing PPC

⇒  Utilizing Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop Beta

⇒  Knowledge of Yahoo Agency Interface

⇒  Navigating Bing Ads

⇒  Utilizing Excel Plug-ins and Other Bing Tools

⇒  Using Paid Bid Management Services & Tools

Case Studies Testing & Tracking

⇒  Knowledge of SEO KPIs

⇒  Conducting A/B Testing

⇒  Ways to Measure SEO ROI

⇒  Understanding SEO Failures like Redesigns & Site Penalties

⇒  Knowledge of Proven Growth Strategies

Who should Take This Course?

The search engine marketing program offered by ABC is designed for people who want to make their mark in the SEM industry. Also, website owners who want to take the online visibility and popularity of their website to the next level can also benefit from the course. Our SEM coaching in Rohini is well-known for providing practically useful training that has helped numerous online marketers and web professionals in achieving their goals. The SEM certificate we provide can surely make your resume impressive and help you in pursuing a successful career.