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Digital Padhai is an esteemed and reliable institute that offers effective social content marketing course in Delhi. For those who are looking for a complete social media marketing program with Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn marketing course in Rohini, Digital Padhai is one of the best options available. Our course is designed covering all significant aspects of social media marketing.p>

Modules of Our Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media Overview

In this initial phase of training, we will discuss what is social media and how it's beneficial for marketing. Here, we will learn how can a business or brand be promoted on various social media channels like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

>Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most preferred social media site world over. This website can provide you with immense traffic if you use it wisely. In this module, we will learn creating Facebook profiles, groups, and business pages. Also, we will discuss the ways to increase followers and likes and tracking visitors on the pages. We are seen as a leading Facebook marketing institute in Delhi due to the top-quality training we provide.
Module Duration :4 Hours

Google+ Optimization

Google+ comes from the house of Google and hence offers numerous benefits to online marketers. This module is entirely dedicated to the giant social networking site. Here, we will learn to create personal and business pages on Google+ and how can we benefit from the platform and its communities. We will also understand optimizing Google+ pages, the ways to track visitors, methods to attract more followers and higher traffic, and implementing Google+ widgets on websites. Module Duration : 4 Hours

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is seen as the best website for company pages. Brands all over the world are making their way to online success with this brilliant social networking website. It can let a business access a large number of visitors if used widely. That's why this module of our course is entirely based on Twitter. We will learn creating and optimizing business pages on Twitter. All the ways to get morefollowers and clicks will be discussed in these classes. Also, we will understand running paid campaigns.
Module Duration : 4 Hours

YouTube Marketing

There's no website better than YouTube when it comes to videos. It's one of the most visited sites all over the world and has the potential to take your message to a wide audience through videos. The popularity of the site makes it the most effective platform for video marketing. This module is about creating YouTube channels and uploading videos on it. Some other things we will learn are to create YouTube paid campaigns, optimizing videos, and copyright rules of the video sharing website. We provide the best YouTube marketing course in Delhi.
Module Duration : 4 Hours

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site among business owners and professionals who are interested in making business contacts, building a strong brand image, and generating business leads. It's a brilliant platform for business promotion. This module of our course imparts knowledge about creating LinkedIn profiles and using them for marketing and promotion.

Social Media Optimization Tools

When all the social media channels will be covered, we will gain knowledge on some effective tools that can help in optimizing social media campaigns. These tools can be very effective in getting most out of such campaigns.
Module Duration : 2 Hours

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We offer the best service on the market

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