Digital Padhai is a Google Analytics course institute in Delhi that offers world-class training through advanced methods. Google Analytics enables a person to ascertain the indicators that define the performance of a website. It helps in identifying the elements that need to be improved in order to get better results. Our Course is designed by industry experts and the training methods we use are very effective which make sure that the learning experience of the students remains wonderful. We provide the finest Adobe Site Catalyst Training in Rohini.

Topics Covered in Our Google Analytics Course

Overview of Google Analytics

In this initial stage of learning, we will discuss the basics of Google Analytics and how it can be good for a web professional. We will understand the entire concept of Google Analytics through various things like Interface Tour.

Introduction to Web Analytics

Here we will learn to turn data into information and the harms of hit counting for a website. This topic also covers digital analytics as a process and a tool.

Outcomes of Analytics

Our experts will discuss things like identifying the purpose of a website, understanding data in light of segments, trends, and context etc. Also, you will be taught to familiarize with segments. We will also learn understanding context and trends.

Practical Aspects of Google Analytics

This topic holds information on the process of Google Analytics and setting up an account for it. We will also learn installing the tracking code of Google Analytics on a website.

Overview of Google Analytics Report

Understanding Google Analytics report starts with comprehending accounts and the way to administer profiles. Also, we will learn navigating the reports and data over time chart. This topic will also cover the way to select and compare time ranges and using annotations while making notes in analytical data.

Preparing Google Analytics Report

Preparing a report for Google Analytics entails many things like comparing various ways of viewing data, navigating data keeping the site's usage, objectives etc. in mind, and arranging data through various filters.

Understanding Segmentation in Google Analytics

In this phase of training, we will learn the significance of segmentation in data analysis and the method to slice data with dimensions.

Sharing Options

Here we will understand the need for data sharing, the ways to manage user accounts and profiles, and preparing reports for emailing.

Preparing Reports

This module entails understanding the visitors of a site and differentiating new and returning users. Here, the primary emphasis will be on collecting and comparing data on the basis of visits, visitors, and page views. Analyzing visitors from mobile devices will also be included in this topic.

Advertising Reports

This module is about preparing advertising reports through analytics. It includes linking AdWords account to Google Analytics and finding ways to increase traffic. This module also includes learning on using keyword reports and positioning keywords for a better performance.

Analyzing Traffic Sources and Preparing Reports

As obvious by the name, this module is dedicated to understanding the source of traffic of a website and prepare a report so that further strategies for the promotion of the site can be formulated.

Training Modes:

We offer both classroom and online training. You can enroll in either of them as per your convenience.

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If you are able to attend classes only on Saturdays and Sundays, you can join one of our weekend batches.

Sunday Batches:

For those who can come to institute only on Sundays, we have special Sunday batches.

Online Batches:

These batches can be scheduled as per the requirements of the students. You can contact us for upcoming online batches.

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