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We are an team of tech enthusiasts & subject matter experts. We provide IT training for digital skills like Digital Marketing, Web Development , Mobile App development, AI, Machine Learning & Block Chain & Python development. 

Digital Marketing .

We teach all modules of digital marketing to increase your business ROI. If you wish to make a good career in digital marketing domain then start our online classes to learn latest growth hacking techniques and 200+ Google’s new ranking factor.  

Coding Skills.

Explore the powerful languages like C++, Java , Python, Node JS etc. to become a successful software professional in 2020. Learn by industry experts to build a strong knowledge bank. 

AI & ML.

AI & ML is the latest technology i.e. growing with exponential rate. Start to work on this cutting edge technology and join powerful club of AI & ML experts. Our team is helping students to learn all basic and advanced fundamentals of AI, ML & Data Science. 

Need advice?

Our experts help the online business owners to choose best digital strategies. If you wish to grow your online business and interested for brand management then contact our expert team.

Best Digital Marketing Agency

Being a digital agency, we are implementing  all possible growth hacking techniques to grow your online business in lesser time framework. You can also hire our consult for a depth audit of your online business to explore the list of improvement areas for your business. 

Who can Join Digital Marketing Course

For Students

Students should explore the power of Digital marketing technologies to improve their skills, knowledge and resume value in competitive job market. It also helps to get new job and freelance work opportunity. 

Our training skills will bring you better jobs in the future as most companies prefer digital tech experts for high paid jobs.

Join our online classes ! 

For Entrepreneurs

To implement best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups, Entrepreneurs should take assistance of digital marketing tactics very carefully. We helped many startups to improve their business growth. 

For startups, we do all analysis to create a useful online marketing plan that suits your customize business needs. 

Join Us asap! 

For Professionals

If you are independent professional (Doctor, Civil engineer, Lawyer, Charted accountants, Fitness trainer), then digital marketing knowledge can help to boost your income easily. 

In case, you have any doubt related to digital marketing techniques then contact our online trainer. We are ready to boost your business. 

Lean & Grow your Business!

For SMEs

Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) are businesses that need digital marketing service on priority basis to improve their business revenue in a limited resources. SMEs also explore different online revenue model to decrease the operating cost of business and quick improvement in net profit. 

For Online Stores

If you are handling online stores on Amzon, Flipkart or independent E-commerce site o run your business, then hire our digital marketing expert as per your business requirement.  This digital marketing service helps online store owners to improve the visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

For App Store

App store optimization (ASO) is an important digital marketing activity for apps owners. Publishing a mobile app on Play Store is just beginning for businesses. To increase the download of your mobile apps, a digital agency perform several activities in minimal time. Contact our experts to explore apps promotion. 

DIGITAL MARKETING Training Institute in Rohini, Delhi

Latest Practices by Industry Experts

"This digital agency helped our chemical business to improve presence in Google SERP and increase the revenue of business."
Ajay Shukla

digital marketing COURSE MODULES

Digital marketing is an advanced marketing technique to get leads and increase sales through online platforms. We are living in an age where computing and mobile devices have become a part of people’s lifestyle and businesses can’t afford to miss out on such a big segment of proposed buyers. In today’s scenario, adopting digital marketing has become a necessity for every business. That’s why courses in digital marketing offers huge growth opportunities. If your business organization is looking for an experienced digital marketing expert team i.e. located in Delhi area, then your search ends here. We are digital marketing experts team in Delhi for satisfactory training & services.

seo practices

We provide SEO courses in India for local and global students with a comprehensive plan which is designed by a qualified SEO experts. Our team is well-versed to deliver quality education for different global location like USA, Canada, UK, Germany, French students. Our team (Digital Padhai) has versatile experience for local and international SEOs.  Our SEO course strategies are developed as per the latest Google’s guideline. We provide SEO courses in various packages like beginners , intermediate & experts.

With team of SEO experts, we are fully aware of the search practices that are essential for promoting websites. We frequently keep on updating our SEO work plan according to the latest developments in the SEO field. Whenever a Google’s update occurs, we review our status to make sure the absence of any harmful online or off-page activities.

Google Adwords for instant traffic

Our SEM program has been designed with a comprehensive approach and covers almost everything from conceptualizing the campaign in the light of SEO tactics to executing the campaigns on the most preferred PPC search engines. We are reckoned among the most reputed paid marketing agency that offer SEM services in Delhi. Moreover, we also run paid advertising on multiple search engines like Bing, Yahoo, AOL , etc. 

Advanced Digital Marketing Course Modules

Web Analytics

Digital Padhai is a Google Analytics online training provider in Delhi that offers world-class services through advanced methods. Google Analytics enables a person to ascertain the indicators that define the performance of a website. It helps in identifying the elements that need to be improved in order to get better results. Our service is designed by industry experts and the execution methods we use are very effective which make sure that the improvement in user experience of the customers remains wonderful. We also teach you to implement Google Tag Manager on your website for complete e-commerce tracking.

affiliate marketing course in delhi

Affiliate Marketing

It can be great to grow the revenue of your business using affiliate marketing business. It also helps to improve the goodwill of organization among vast audience without spending extra marketing budget.In simple words, it is the process of referring products and services to proposed customers and earning commission for the efforts made. Affiliate marketing can be an effective way to increase business leads and sales, provided the campaign is designed and executed in an efficient manner. Besides, it also helps businesses in getting higher online visibility and stronger brand image. In case you want to invest in affiliate marketing, contact us asap.

learn and grow business digital

Grow Online

This digital marketing service can benefit any startup or big organization who want more traffic for their websites. The program is designed for all industries like chemical, healthcare, travel, software, news agencies, hotels, online shopping portals, SMEs and new startups. Businesses who wish to grow their businesses in minimal time, they should hire digital agencies to grow online business in short time period.

Email Marketing

Want to avail best email open rate in email marketing? Start with the service of Digital Padhai now! We are an email marketing service provider in Delhi having a reputation for providing world-class email marketing service. So far, we have helped numerous brands, most of which are now experiencing a great business growth. Our email marketing action plan is designed to provide in-depth insights of the email marketing campaign so that the businesses can do analysis of growth or revenue through email marketing channel easily. Start to use our digital marketing service and experience the growth.

YouTube Marketing

There's no website better than YouTube when it comes to videos. It's one of the most visited sites all over the world and has the potential to take your message to a wide audience through videos. The popularity of the site makes it the most effective platform for video marketing. This module is about creating YouTube channels and uploading videos on it. Some other things we will learn are to create YouTube paid campaigns, optimizing videos, and copyright rules of the video sharing website. We provide the best YouTube marketing course in Delhi. Come and avail our digital marketing services to grow your online customers in few months.

Audit by Experts

We are well-known for the high-quality service we provide. All our digital marketing experts have long experience in the digital marketing work profile. Moreover, we provide regular audit of your online business work activities to improve ROI. Our agency, Digital Padhai, is the best digital marketing service provider in India. Besides, we provide free website audits for local and international clients.


Most frequent questions and answers related to digital marketing services by business owners

Yes.  We are working on online reputation management to boost your brand’s goodwill. 

No Problem! We will start the work from development of E-commerce website using best SEO practices. Then, we will start the digital marketing promotional work. 

Yes. We are providing native app development service for Google / Apple app Store. 

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